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Adrian Ng


Conversations are about money; solutions are about people.


Blufox Financial Services are a well-established Adelaide based finance broking and financial planning business with experienced professional staff providing all your finance, loan, mortgage, rental, investment, wealth creation, asset protection, personal risk insurance, superannuation, estate planning and retirement needs. We have expertise in all business segments but have particular access to special medico finance deals.

Blufox Financial Services is underpinned by an accounting practice, Cutillo + Co, which means that you always receive the very best professional strategic advice tailored to support your specific tax, asset & life protection and wealth creation structures ensuring your best interests are always at the forefront.

There is nothing more valuable then peace of mind, so we will make sure that you have a single contact person and that we understand your story, your needs and your goals and that you understand the strategy we present, to ensure we are working towards those goals together.

We have strategies to develop your superannuation, Centrelink benefits, pre and post retirement income streams. We can help you transition to retirement by accessing your superannuation prior to retirement. Advice from our experienced Financial Planners can assist you to understand your current situation better and secure your financial future. We have a range of financial planning services, which may help initiate, co-ordinate, manage and protect your finances and grow your wealth.

Adrian Ng

Bachelor of Economics
Graduate Certificate of Commerce
Diploma of Financial Planning


Over 10 years of experience working in the financial services industry.
- Personal risk insurance
- Superannuation advice
- wealth creation
- Pre-retirement and retirement advice
- Centrelink

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Featured Testimonial

“Frank and Adrian and all the team are experts. They are greatly admired in the profession. I respect them very much.”

Dr Brett Davies, Legal Consolidated

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