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Benjamin Douglas Duthie



The Gods. Like the thunderbolts of Jupiter.

At Vulcan Forge we labour to create for our clients those unbreakable, yet beautiful, shields to protect their assets both in life and after crossing the River Styx. It may seem just like paperwork, but when it’s constructed deep in Vulcan’s Forge it is built to a standard fit for a God.

As Head blacksmith, Ben has a passion for building and creating only the strongest & best Estate Plans. That’s why he has chosen to partner with SAPEPAA to expand his expertise in the closely defined field of Estate Planning & Estate Taxation.

If you want your Estate Planning to be fit for a God, there’s only one place – Vulcan’s Forge!

Benjamin Douglas Duthie

Chartered Accountant (CA)


15+ years of Accounting experience

Private Practice & Commercial environments

Particular expertise in Small Business Advisory

Specialised interest in Estate Planning

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