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Brian William Rees


Brian retired from financial planning in December 2021.


Brian completed his secondary schooling in 1970 and then commenced a Bachelor of Commerce at University of Wollongong and graduated in 1979. I became registered as a Tax Agent in 1979.

Brian initially trained as an Accountant and worked for large industry employers before entering into full time practice in 1986 as a sole trader, CPA Accountant in the Wollongong.

Brian is a small business tax agent, accountant and self-managed fund specialist currently assisting some 600 individual clients, partnership, private trust, private companies and self-managed superannuation funds.

He's trained and mentored his son from 1991 until he too became an independent Accountant and Tax Agent in 2021.

Brian joined the Australia Branch of The Alliott Group, a 2nd Tier independent accounting group in 1997 and left in 2005.

In June 1986 Brian joined Norwich Analysed Investments Limited as an authorised representative financial planner. Whilst in this role, Brian gained valuable experience advising hundreds of clients on a wide variety of financial planning issues. Brian remained with the Norwich Group through NAIL, FPI and Blueprint Financial Planning until March 1998 when he left to join Lifespan and retired from financial planning in December 2021.

Brian William Rees



Registered Tax Agent for Individual and Business Tax return preparation
Financial Accounts Preparation
Corporate Registry maintenance

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Featured Testimonial

I joined LightyearDocs to utilize their document creation service and became aware of SAPEPPA during a webinar presentation. I became interested in Estate Planning and Asset Protection after attending a webinar with Grant Abbott and realized that my work in financial planning had only assisted clients accumulate wealth and did not adequately address the bigger issue of how to secure the created wealth and what mechanisms could be used to protect wealth and pass this wealth onto future generations. This encouraged me to investigate this new service provider and elected to join SAPEPAA and completed the accredited advisor course. I believe this has empowered myself to better assist my clients in all aspects of asset creation, asset protection, succession and estate planning strategies, for which previously I had limitations on the type and scope of advice that I could offer. I’ve enjoyed learning new skills which will greatly assist my clients. - Brian Rees

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