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Gen Jones


At Select Accounting, we want our Clients to stay focused on their expertise, customers, and the reason they started their business, while we take care of their accounting, succession, and taxation.


Select Accounting are not your typical accountants; we see ourselves as business mentors. Led by Gen, the Director of Select Accounting, our team offers a wide range of services, including business, tax advisory, and estate planning, to diverse clients.

Here are three fundamental beliefs shared by our team:

1. "Let us do what we do best while you focus on what you love—your business"

If you excel at hairdressing, why waste time on bookkeeping and tax calculations? Your time is better spent providing exceptional haircuts or doing what truly ignites your passion. Just as we wouldn't attempt to cut your hair, we believe you should leave the accounting tasks to the experts. With over 25 years of industry experience, continuous professional development, industry memberships, and qualifications, it's a no-brainer. Outsource that aspect of your business and do what you love.

2. "Dream Big"

Our team is passionate about supporting small business entrepreneurs. We understand that dreams can seem unattainable when everything feels overwhelming. That's why we offer our Entrepreneurial start-up package. Throughout your first 12 months, we will guide you and ensure you embrace essential business fundamentals. We'll assist you in choosing the right business structure, and teach you about compliance, taxation, budgeting, and pricing strategies, among other aspects. Our role is akin to being your personal trainer, holding you accountable every step of the way as you "Dream Big" and grow.

3. Planning

Gen is also a specialist in SAPEPAA (Succession, Asset Protection & Estate Planning). Planning for succession, asset protection, and estate matters is a crucial step in any business or personal journey. As trusted advisors to our clients, it only makes sense for us to provide guidance in relatable and meaningful ways through succession

We are deeply passionate about our clients' business growth and success. Witnessing them pursue what they love is what motivates us every morning. If we haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet, we hope to someday be a part of your journey in helping you "Dream Big". And, importantly, we strive to ensure all your affairs are in order, so you can have peace of mind.

Gen Jones

Tax Agent
SAPEPAA Certified Adviser
B.Bus Accounting


Gen has over 20 years industry experience providing clients with friendly, easy to follow taxation and accounting advice. Not only does she deliver exceptional service, but being accessible to all clients, Gen understands that people like to do business with someone they know that they can trust, and with this in mind, she strives to be that person for all our clients.

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Featured Testimonial

"I engaged with Gen and her awesome team over 3 years ago when I was getting let down by my previous accountant. Gen and her team were exactly the fresh air I needed to take the stress out of all my bookkeeping and tax requirements.​ Select Accounting has avid interest in small businesses and wanting to work closely with their owners. This I feel stems from Select Accounting being a small team themselves with a close bond. Nothing is ever a problem with being able to ask a quick question and able to get a quick response."

Nick Turner
Director /

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