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Graham Leslie Robertson

Director, Founder

Graham has over 40 years of experience in accounting with a particular interest in SMSF, business advice, tax compliance, estate planning and asset protection. His classic and warm style of customer service is backed up with the efficiency of modern accounting technology and absolute current industry knowledge. His aim is to provide advice that is not conflicted and exceeds expectations.


Graham is passionate about personal customer service and will always opt for a face to face meeting. He focuses on his clients as real people and how he can best serve their individual needs. In joining SEPEPAA, Graham reveals his commitment to helping people look after their financial wealth and protecting their hard earned financial position, through skilful succession and estate planning.

Graham has been trusted by long term clients across generations. He has helped create and support his client’s exponential business growth. Examples of Graham’s expertise include using his wealth of knowledge to aid a one man operation to expand into to one of the largest toolmaking business in NSW. After a 16 year relationship with another particular client, he was instrumental in the restructure of their heavy equipment hire and sales business whereby the downscaling and streamlining of the business created significantly less work and simultaneously generated much higher profits. Seeing such successes throughout his career is a driving force for Graham to see the efforts and investments of his clients be guarded with the most up to date strategies.

A thorough embracing of new technologies over the decades of Graham’s career has seen him continually evolving with the changes in the financial industry. His enthusiasm for long term financial security and his warm personable service sets Graham apart as an advisor with both traditional, honest values and efficiency of our modern era.

Graham Leslie Robertson



Experience of over 40 years in Accountancy and Business Advising , Passionate about helping clients , Trusted Advisor , Solution Focussed

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