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Grant Abbott


In the future; your best decisions were made today.


Passionate Presenter and SMSF Pioneer – @ILoveSMSF and @passionatelypresenting. If you are doing anything, considering anything or wanting to build a business or conduct business with SMSFs, there is only one person in the world with the experience, business and commercial acumen and technical smarts; Grant Abbott, the Guru and Australia’s leading SMSF specialist.

With a background in tax, legal and financial services and working for the Taxation Institute of Australia, KPMG and Rothschild, Grant set up a number of businesses including The Strategist Group – a specialist B2B firm providing SMSF services and training (sold to Kaplan in 2004) and also SMSF Strategies and NowInfinity which he has recently sold.

Some other notable achievements in the SMSF industry include:

• Development of the leading training course for advisers providing advice in self-managed super funds now offered on-line and leading to RG146 qualifications for providing advice in super and SMSFs

• Writing on super fund issues on behalf of many major financial services publications including SMSF, Self-Managed Super, Money Management, IFA, the Financial Observer and being regularly quoted in BRW and the Australian Financial Review;

• Specialist SMSF YouTube channel with more than 100,000 views and fifty videos on a wide range of SMSF topics and strategies.

• Writing four sold-out professional books – “Guide to Self-Managed Super Funds” for CCH. The book now in its third edition has become a best seller and provides technical and practical tips on establishing, building and managing a self-managed super fund;

• Making numerous submissions to Treasury and Government on various SMSF issues

• Starting up the Self-Managed Super Fund Professionals Association of Australia (“SPAA”) in 2001 with 12 other founding members and in 2011 the Australian SMSF Members Association; and

• Preparing self-managed super fund professional standards for the entire financial services industry and SPAA specialist member standards.

Grant Abbott



I have been advising in the SMSF, succession, asset protection and estate planning space for more than three decades. My core skill is to not only build a metaphorical legal moat around a family's castle - to protect their family wealth from litigation, bankruptcy and family provisions claims but also use all the structural, legal and regulatory tools in my power to limit taxation.

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