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John Morgan Gowing

Founding Partner

We are an innovative boutique firm focussed on SMEs in the farming and mine-service industries in the Upper Hunter, distinguished by our high proportion of team members being qualified CAs and CPAs, and stability evident in our an average tenure exceeding 15 years.


As Foundation Members of SAPEPAA, we suddenly have access to the framework and support structure to systematically address and deliver solutions to clients. We have previously been struggling to build in-house communications for over a decade to be able to effectivley educate and encourage interest from our clients in the "uninsured " risks they face. We have all the relevant experience but until now have lacked the channels to effective client engagement in SAPEP.

John Morgan Gowing



40 year career devoted to supporting the aspirations families involved SME enterprises - with more than a decade committed to my focus, beyond compliance accounting, to clients' business structuring for estate and inheritance planning

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Featured Testimonial

"Client is always their first priority. Always helpful in providing advice on new technology. Friendly with many helpful hints available. Many years of experience shows in their conduct."

Hilton Ariel

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