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John Valentino Apolloni

Director & Founder

As your experienced trusted Business Advisor, we will recommend, implement, and monitor a tailored MOSAIC of services and strategies designed to give you the clarity of direction at every stage of your journey.


John has been helping businesses find their best futures for 35 years with no sign of slowing down. John draws from his experience working with a broad cross-section of industries to identify the best course of action for Journey2 clients to secure their financial futures. He is a mentor to business owners of varying business stages and sizes, helping them find confidence in taking their next step or leap towards their goals. His expertise covers many areas including business and profit improvement, management accounting, virtual CFO services, financial planning and more.

Dedicated to making a difference to his community, John is the director of The Illawarra Connection; a member of the Illawarra Business Chamber Regional Advisory Council and Microsolve (NSW) Advisory Board; and a strong advocate for Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

He has expertise to maintain control of business & financial affairs. Optimise tax obligations. Secure the cash flow
and finance for growth. Achieve your desired work life balance. Increase business profitability. Create, grow & protect your assets and wealth. The range of services that Journey2 Business & Personal Wealth provides includes: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Tax Accounting, Tax Advice, Wealth Management, Profit Improvement, Restructures, Asset Protection, Virtual CFO and Bookkeeping Services.

John Valentino Apolloni

B.(Com), Dip F.P., CA, TA


As a Chartered Accountant I started off in Auditing in 1980, then moved to tax and business services. In 1986 I was offered partnership in the firm I worked for. In 1996, I left the partnership and started my own practice offering a holistic range of services I still provide today.

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Featured Testimonial

"We’ve been associated with now, John for just under 30 years. We have numerous organisations and John helps us manage those but the main one is our Self Managed Superfund which John helped us implement and run from its inception. He’s very knowledgable. Any questions that we come across, any new laws, I’ve got to admit he’s on the ball straight away with any changes that need to be made to trusts. He’s there to help you if you have an issue, he’s only a phone call away. I’d have to say I haven’t found an organisation as responsive as what they can be, I would recommend him to anyone that asked me."

Brian Mackaway, Macks Rubber Company

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