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Rodney Fox

Specialist Advisor

Rodney Fox Private Wealth offers a thoroughly professional range of services, backed with complex tools and significant amounts of specialist training, giving you full confidence in the legal advice provided.


Rodney has been growing Rodney Fox Private Wealth to what it is today. Since its inception in the early 2000’s Rodney has achieved many milestones for his clients and is renowned for the specialist advice he provides.

With the assistance of top end estate planning lawyers, Rodney Fox Private Wealth is able to manage your estate planning needs. You can expect:
• Significant Cost Savings
• Future Income Protection
• Established Legal Frameworks
• Full Administration Support

A significant amount of time is dedicated to estate planning. The more wealth the family has, the more complex the issues become. With the assistance of top end estate planning lawyers, early preparation for the inevitable can lead to a savings of thousands or even millions of dollars because your wishes are clear and are less likely to be challenged. Protecting future incomes for future generations is of vital importance.

Rodney Fox was in the first group of SMSF Association graduates and the 41st person to receive recognition as a trained and competent SMSF Specialist. Each year Rodney undertakes more than 40 hours per year in professional training in this area alone.

Rodney Fox Private Wealth offers tailored solutions with expert advice to ensure you as the client are in control of all of your money to achieve the best performance and maximum tax advantages. We offer:
• Specialist Advice
• Tailored Solutions
• Effective Tax Advantages
• Full Back Office Support

Rodney Fox and his team can assist you in ensuring your estate planning, SMSF, financial planning and all your other private wealth needs are in order. Contact us today!

Rodney Fox

Public Accountant. Financial Planner. SMSF and Trust Administrator.


SMSF Specialist Advice. Special Disability Trusts. Estate and Succession Specialist.

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