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Samuel Testa

Senior Advisor at Samuel Testa & Company

Our approach is to engage, strategise, implement and monitor.


We are seasoned Accountants & Business Advisors who understand the demands facing business owners. We focus on providing advice that makes commercial sense.

We go beyond the numbers by encouraging, motivating, and helping business owners to improve performance and gain efficiencies through better business practices.

We work on a collaborative basis with business owners to eliminate their business pain points. We cut to the chase and side-step the fluffy stuff and ‘BS’.

Samuel Testa



Accountant, Business Adviser, Tax Agent

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Featured Testimonial

"I have known Samuel for the past 10 years or so and during that time have found him to be a most conscientious and hard-working individual. He not only possesses the factual knowledge in relation to his work but also CARES greatly about his clients and their businesses."

James Basile

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