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Shannon Smit

Founding Director & Financial Adviser

At Smart Private Wealth, our approach to financial advice is underpinned by our strategic and deep understanding of tax and financial structures, ensuring that our advice is holistic by nature.

We look at everything and consider every angle of your wealth, leaving no stone unturned to ensure your wealth remains exactly where you want it to.


Making the decision to engage with Smart Private Wealth means that you want to make a positive difference to your personal financial future.

We truly believe everyone needs a financial plan. Our financial advice can really make a difference to you by helping you identify realistic goals and put strategies in place to achieve them.
At Smart Private Wealth, we understand you first. We have a well-developed process that helps us to understand our clients. Only after understanding who you are and what you want, do we develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.

We are committed to our clients and work hard to develop a relationship where we get to know you as a person. We love to know about your kids and your dog, the holiday plans you have or the challenges you may have faced.

We are committed to returning phone calls and emails within 24 hours.

We strive to work collaboratively with you as your long-term trusted advisor as you move through life’s transitions.

Shannon Smit

Chartered Accountant
SMSF Accredited Adviser
Financial Adviser
Tax Agent
Mortgage Broker
FASEA Certified
Certified ETF Advisor
Certified Digital Asset Advisor


Shannon, the Founding Director of Smart Business Solutions Group and Smart Private Wealth, brings extensive international experience to the table. Specializing in property portfolios, SMSF, and superannuation strategies, Shannon takes a holistic approach to clients' wealth, considering individual and structural suitability of investments.

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Featured Testimonial

"I’ve been doing a lot of work with Shannon over the past few years. She’s very bright and smart with a great team behind her. She’s a standout in her SMSF capability due to her readiness to learn and continue to skill-up. She’s very highly accredited in Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Successor Director and so on. Most accountants and financial advisers are not aware of the consequences of structures that don’t consider estate planning, successor director and asset protection. She always makes sure that family wealth and blood line is protected. She understands it and advises accordingly – most people are not aware of that. Her advisory takes on a broad scope whereby her extensive knowledge is applied to every piece of advice she gives. She doesn’t go in blindly into a transaction – rather she’ll bounce ideas off and analyze all consequences of a transaction before providing advice. Her international expertise gives her advisory a global perspective. She’s adept at maintaining her technical legislation knowledge, all giving her a breadth of expertise that helps her look at problems in a different way.
From my perspective, the proof is in the pudding from watching her work."

Grant Abbott (Abbott & Mourley / LightYear Docs)

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