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Unni Ashok


We work with you to make sure the right strategies are implemented to legally minimise tax. This includes implementing business structures and maximising deductions through planning well ahead.


Unni Ashok has built his expertise by investing a lot of time and energy learning the art of providing Business Advisory Services. His knowledge and skills combined with an out of the box thinking to solve problems are highly valuable and effective for his clients.

“I believe in constantly keeping a tab on client matters. With the use of right systems and technology the solutions and advices are provided on a timely manner.”

“On average clients easily save $3,000 each year. With over 350 tax and business strategies at our disposal we create a lot of value.

“My practice has established close relationships with other professional firms whereby clients also have the option for financial planning and loan services to name a few,” says the principal, Unni Ashok.

From clients ranging from individuals to multi-million dollar turnover clients, our practice can cater to all levels of clientele. Services are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

The practice’s focus is to constantly improve each client’s outcome, year after year and this is what drives Unni and the team to be experts in the industry and to stand apart from the industry norms.

Make the change!

Unni Ashok

Chartered Accountant


Tax Planning, Business Growth Strategies

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Featured Testimonial

"Wow what do I say. Unni save me about $35,000 in CGT tax from the sale of a townhouse. His understanding of the tax law and what you can and can not do is second to none"

Tim Allen - Mortgage Broker and owner of Moreton Bay Finance

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