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$9.2 Trillion of Australian homes are exposed

There are 18 million Australians without a will and testament 

2.2 million companies with no replacement director on death


Introducing the Legacy Builders Academy

A comprehensive online platform designed to empower individuals and families in taking control and protecting their family's financial future. The Legacy Builders Academy aims to provide a rich educational experience and a strong support network for those embarking on their journey in succession planning, asset protection, and estate planning.


Legacy Builder's


The Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning Advisers Association is a specialist group of advisers who have passed strict assessments against detailed competency standards prepared by the Association,  Those who are determined to provide Family Wealth Protection advice to families, no matter how big or small, across Australia have been Board Certified.  You can find Board Certified SAPEPAA advisers on this site to help you implement a strong and secure Family Wealth Protection plan for your bloodline for generations to come.

Importantly the Board Certified SAPEPAA Advisers asked for their site to house information, strategies and knowledge for ALL Australian families so they understand the risks of family wealth being diluted through litigation and wealth being transferred to other bloodlines - a travesty that happens every day in Australia.

This resource, which is at no cost, is a service provided by SAPEPAA to Australian families and if you like what you see, please let your family and friends know of the Legacy Builders.  After all one destroyed family legacy is too much.

Why the Academy?

The Legacy Builders Academy recognises that the path to securing a lasting family financial legacy can be complex and challenging and Wills don't cut it anymore with over 60% of Wills contested under Family Provisions claims. The Academy offers a one-stop destination for those seeking guidance and knowledge, making the process of planning for their family's future more accessible, engaging, and manageable.

The Legacy Builders Academy offers numerous benefits for Family Wealth Protection, enabling individuals and families to confidently secure their financial legacies for generations to come. 

SAPEPAA Member Benefits

Comprehensive Knowledge

The Academy's expert-curated content ensures members have a thorough understanding of essential concepts in succession planning, asset protection, and estate planning, enabling them to make informed decisions for their family's wealth protection.

Personalised Learning

With resources tailored to various levels of expertise, the Academy caters to diverse needs, allowing each member to progress at their own pace and focus on areas most relevant to their family's financial situation.


The interactive community within the Legacy Builders Academy connects members with like-minded individuals and industry experts, fostering a supportive environment for sharing experiences, ideas, and encouragement.


Direct access to experienced advisers ensures members receive personalised advice and guidance for their unique needs and goals, resulting in tailored strategies to safeguard their family's wealth.

Continuous Development

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends, strategies, and insights in wealth protection is crucial for long-term success. The Academy's ever-expanding library of resources ensures members are well-equipped to adapt to an evolving financial landscape and make informed decisions to protect their family's wealth for generations to come.

Academy Resources

"This is a game changer in protecting a family's wealth and ensuring assets are going to the right people. At the front of their game. Their expertise is beyond compare."

Naomi Durdin

Eyre Peninsula | Accountant

"An exceptional, groundbreaking association very well positioned to give back to the community. It makes so much sense for accountants to be able to provide this service and having SAPEPAA back us and stand by us is a fantastic partnership."

Mick Jeffriess

Gold Coast | Accountant

"Touching more than $35,000 revenue from SAPEPAA and the associated training courses."
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Harry Tripgate

Principal, MCG Legal

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