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SAPEPAA - Family Wealth Protection 1-Page Marketing Plan

1. Select Your Target Market

  • High net-worth families with assets of $1M or more

  • Business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs

  • Those facing potential litigation, family law disputes, or family provisions claims

2. Craft Your Message

  • "Preserve your legacy and protect your family's future with our comprehensive wealth protection services."

  • "Take control of your family's financial future with expert guidance and strategies tailored to your unique needs."

  • "Ensure a seamless transition of wealth and assets through our personalised succession planning solutions."

3. Choose Your Media

  • Online: SEO-optimized website, Google Ads, social media advertising (LinkedIn, Facebook)

  • Offline: Local business events, conferences, and workshops

  • Referral partners: Financial planners, real estate agents, other accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents

4. Capture Leads

  • Offer free initial consultations, educational webinars, and downloadable resources (e.g., ebooks, whitepapers)

  • Create a compelling landing page with clear calls-to-action and lead capture forms

  • Implement an email marketing campaign to nurture and engage prospects

5. Nurture Leads

  • Deliver a series of informative and valuable content (e.g., articles, case studies, video testimonials)

  • Share relevant news and updates about family wealth protection and succession planning

  • Showcase your expertise by hosting webinars or Q&A sessions

6. Sales Conversion Strategy

  • Develop a tailored proposal that addresses the unique needs of each prospect

  • Offer a range of service packages to accommodate different budgets and levels of complexity

  • Emphasise the long-term benefits of investing in family wealth protection and succession planning services

7. Deliver a World-Class Experience

  • Provide personalized and responsive service to each client

  • Continuously improve your offerings based on client feedback and industry trends

  • Offer ongoing support and resources to ensure clients feel confident and informed about their wealth protection strategy

8. Increase Customer Lifetime Value

  • Provide annual reviews and updates to ensure clients' strategies remain aligned with their goals

  • Offer additional services, such as estate planning, tax planning, and investment advice where applicable

  • Build relationships with clients' extended families to support family wealth protection across generations

9. Develop a Referral System

  • Encourage satisfied clients to refer friends, family, and colleagues

  • Offer referral incentives, such as discounts on future services or exclusive resources

  • Partner with complementary professionals to cross-refer clients and expand your network

Implement this 1-page marketing plan to effectively reach, engage, and convert your target audience while building lasting relationships with clients to ensure the ongoing success of your Family Wealth Protection business.

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